Jack O’ Diamonds

Ruth “Miss Rhythm” Brown’s “Jack O’ Diamonds” was on the pop chart in June 1959.  Released on Atlantic 2026, the flip side was “I Can’t Hear A Word You Say.”

jack diamonds charts june 59

Well, that’s it.  That’s all of the mid-1959 to mid-1960 78s I have for now.  If more late 78s are unearthed in the future, or if anyone has any more to contribute, I will try to add them in the future.  I never could find a picture of Bo Diddley’s “Crawdad” on 78, so if anyone has an image of that, or anything else good, please send it in.  Thanks for viewing.


Papa Daddy

August 1959, Atlantic 2035, Ruth Brown, “Papa Daddy” b/w “I Don’t Know.”  Note that this was a Leiber-Stoller composition.  Can you imagine the royalty checks those two guys got every day in their mailbox?

brown aug59