I Only Have Eyes For You

The Flamingos “I Only Have Eyes For You” entered the pop charts in June 1959.  It was End records 1046, and the flip side was “Goodnight Sweetheart.”  Eventually the song made it to #11 on Billboard’s pop charts.  I can’t understand why this wasn’t a top-three hit.  I’ll bet on a console record player with a tube amp and the correct 78 needle / stylus this sounds great.


Good News

The Fiestas’ “Good News” backed with “That Was Me” on Old Town 1074 from October 1959.  This wasn’t a hit on the charts, and they never did have as much success with their other releases as they did with “So Fine.”  Note the writers credits; both of these were written by professional tune smiths – Otis Blackwell and Henry Glover.