Childhood Sweetheart

Chuck Berry’s “Childhood Sweetheart” backed with “Broken Arrow” was released on Chess 1737 in September 1959.  This wasn’t as big of a hit as previous Berry releases.  Again, we can see how Chess was using up different kinds of labels toward the end of 78 production.  Some have the chess pieces, and others have the vertical “Chess” text.

I Feel So Good

Chess 1748 was the latest 78 I ever owned – January 1960.  It was “I Feel So Good” b/w “When I Get To Thinking” by Muddy Waters.  In 2004 I traded a box of 78s at the Attic record store in Millvale, Pennsylvania (near Pittsburgh).  “I Feel So Good” was in the box, as was Chuck Berry’s “Back In The USA.”  About a month later the Allegheny River flooded this record store, and I wondered if another rare 78 was ruined.