Say Man

“Say Man” b/w “The Clock Strikes Twelve” by Bo Diddley on Checker 931 was a surprise hit when it was released in August 1959.  About this song Bo Diddley told Rolling Stone magazine, “Although it sounds like a spur-of-the-moment jam, Diddley maintained it was written down long before it was recorded. ‘A lot of the things I did in the Chess studios, we were just goofin’ around,’ he said. ‘They played it back, and it shocked all of us! Of course, they cut out all the dirty parts.'”



Say Man Back Again

November 1959 saw the release of Bo Diddley’s “Say Man Back Again” b/w “She’s Alright.”  This was Checker 936.  After the success of “Say Man” Diddley and the Chess Brothers went back for more.  But I always thought the vocals were mixed down too low in the mix of this one.