American 78s from 1965?

I read the following post on a music message board about when the last American 78 was produced:  “I think there were some small label gospel 78s issued until the mid sixties in the US. I have memories of seeing them in their cardboard mailers in the bowels of a radio station in the late sixties, and some of the promotional material/lists packed inside were dated up to 1963.”  Not long after I read that I came across these gospel records on the Music City label out of Berkeley, California.  “I Love To Call Jesus” is by Estell Vasser and the Joy Spreaders, and the B-side is “When the Gates Swing Open” by Dorothy Hunt and the Greater Emmanuel Church Choir.  The other record is “Healing Prayer – Part 1” b/w “Healing Prayer – Part 2” by the Golden West Singers and The Elder in Charge.  Supposedly these records were released in 1965.  Could they actually be American 78s from that late?