The Next Time

Duke 317, Little Junior Parker’s “The Next Time” b/w “You’re On My Mind” was issued in March 1960.



I’m not sure whether or not this belongs or not, but here it is:  From sometime in 1960 Kimbo 166 is supposed to be a jazz release titled “Beatniks,” although I have not heard it.  The A side is a vocal by Lynn Roberts, and the B side is apparently an instrumental version “arranged and conducted by Andrew Lesko.”  But the reason I’m not sure I should have it on this blog is because it is probably for dancing lessons!

Little By Little

This has to be a rare item:  Junior Wells’s “Little By Little” backed with “Come On In This House.”  It was issued as Profile 4011 in February 1960.  Unlike previous Wells blues songs, “Little By Little” featured a back-up vocal group.  This must have paid off, because it was on the national R&B charts in the late spring and early summer.  The flip side is “Come On In This House” not “Come On A My House.”  Junior Wells may have consented to using group harmony, but he would have sounded ridiculous singing “Come On A My House.”

feb 1960 jr wells

Miss You

As I’ve said before, when I first started this blog I believed that “There Is Something On Your Mind” by Bobby Marchan from June 1960 was probably the final American 78.  But I now think that there were even later American 78s, such as this one.  Roscoe Shelton’s “Miss You” backed with “Let Me Believe In You” is from July 1960!  It was Excello 2181.

july 1960 shelton