The Next Time

Duke 317, Little Junior Parker’s “The Next Time” b/w “You’re On My Mind” was issued in March 1960.



I’m not sure whether or not this belongs or not, but here it is:  From sometime in 1960 Kimbo 166 is supposed to be a jazz release titled “Beatniks,” although I have not heard it.  The A side is a vocal by Lynn Roberts, and the B side is apparently an instrumental version “arranged and conducted by Andrew Lesko.”  But the reason I’m not sure I should have it on this blog is because it is probably for dancing lessons!

Don’t Mess With My Man

“Don’t Mess With My Man” b/w “Set Me Free” was released on Ron 328 in December 1959.  The December 14, 1959 issue of Billboard magazine gave this description:  “The chick shouts with a determined message:  You can have my husband, but please don’t mess with my man.  Good beat, and wild honking horns; but unsuited for radio.”  Now why did they say that?  The first time I ever heard it was on the radio – on the Sunday night radio show that Alan Lee used to do on WQSR in Baltimore.  Also note that the copy shown here has been autographed by Irma!