Katy Too

This record, Sun 321 from June 1959, was likely the final 78 rpm issue from Sun records.  It’s “I Forgot To Remember To Forget” backed with “Katy Too” by Johnny Cash and the Tennessee Two.  By this time Cash had defected to Columbia records, but Sam Phillips must have still had a few songs on the shelf (like Specialty did when Little Richard got moved by the Holy Spirit.)


2 thoughts on “Katy Too”

  1. I owned a mint copy of this once! Love your website. All I did was keep a “want list” of stuff I always wanted from ‘59/‘60. You actually started accumulating photos and sharing them! Haha…of course I collecting mostly back in the 1990s…before FB, etc…I do have a few you haven’t listed yet. (Well, not done looking at your website yet) 🙂


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