I Feel So Good

Chess 1748 was the latest 78 I ever owned – January 1960.  It was “I Feel So Good” b/w “When I Get To Thinking” by Muddy Waters.  In 2004 I traded a box of 78s at the Attic record store in Millvale, Pennsylvania (near Pittsburgh).  “I Feel So Good” was in the box, as was Chuck Berry’s “Back In The USA.”  About a month later the Allegheny River flooded this record store, and I wondered if another rare 78 was ruined.



4 thoughts on “I Feel So Good”

  1. Fantastic record! I have the 78 of “I Feel So Good” as well. My mom bought it for me off eBay in early 2013 for around $40 or so if if remember correctly. It is one of the latest 78s in my collection. The only 78s that I have that are later are a “budget” 78 on the Hurrah! Lane from around September 1960 and “ Wabble-Cha” by the Joe Cuba Sextette on the Secco label from 1963.


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