Cheating Baby

Apparently “Cheating Baby” was Wilbert Harrison’s follow up to his huge hit “Kansas City.”  The B side was “Don’t Wreck My Life,” and it was Fury 1027 issued in December 1959.  “Goodbye Kansas City” by Mr. Harrison was Fury 1028, released in January 1960. Wonder if that was issued on 78 speed, too? Yes it was!  I always thought that “Kansas City” was an improbable pop hit, because it is really a blues record, right down to the stinging guitar solo by Wild Jimmy Spruill.


One thought on “Cheating Baby”

  1. Yes, “Goodbye Kansas City” was released on Fury 1028 78rpm format in the U.S. I used to own a MINT copy on the “horse head” label. I love chasing the late pressings and at least knowing if they were pressed on 78 or not.


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