“Money” b/w “Oh I Apologize” by Barrett Strong.  I have seen several different release dates for Anna 1111.  The Anna discography on Global Dog Production’s website says March 1960, as does the discography on Wikipedia.  Yet the Wikipedia entry for the actual song says August 1959,  and it entered the Top 40 charts in February 1960.  So I’m just going to call it late 1959.  However you look at it, “Money” was a great stepping stone for Berry Gordy on the way to building his Motown empire.


One thought on “Money”

  1. The August ’59 date was for the original release on Tamla 54027 which I don’t believe was ever issued on 78rpm. The Tamla version from August ’59 was 45 rpm only as I don’t think Gordy had the money for pressing any of his early Tamla sides on 78rpm. Gordy leased Money to his sisters Gwen and Anna plus Roquel Billy Davis who owned Anna Records and had a deal to have Money pressed and distributed by Chess. The master number on all the Anna versions is 54027 which is also the Tamla catalog number. On 45rpm releases, the same stamper is used. Chess had to have a stamper made for the 1960 Anna 78 release.


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