Fannie Mae

For a long time record collectors thought Fire records 1008, “Fannie Mae” b/w “Lost In A Dream” by Buster Brown, was the last American 78 record.  Since then several even later 78s have been unearthed.  But this is still a great rock and roll (actually blues) song released in November 1959 and considered a 1960 hit.


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I’m Achin’

Lightnin Hopkins’s “I’m Achin'” backed with “Let’s Move” was originally recorded in 1954, but not released until September 1959 on Herald Records.  That same year Herald also released an album of Lightnin’s 1954 sessions titled, “Lightnin’ and the Blues.”  The label had been releasing songs from the sessions over a five year period.  There would only be one more after this one, and it was in January 1960.  Wouldn’t it be cool if that one was on 78, too?

Jack O’ Diamonds

Ruth “Miss Rhythm” Brown’s “Jack O’ Diamonds” was on the pop chart in June 1959.  Released on Atlantic 2026, the flip side was “I Can’t Hear A Word You Say.”

jack diamonds charts june 59

Well, that’s it.  That’s all of the mid-1959 to mid-1960 78s I have for now.  If more late 78s are unearthed in the future, or if anyone has any more to contribute, I will try to add them in the future.   Thanks for viewing.

78s in Billboard Magazine

In 1958 Billboard published a circle graph showing the “Share of Dollar Sales” of the music industry for the week ending March 8, 1958.  78s were 3.3%, EPs were 3.7%, 45s were 38.2%, 33 1/3 LPs were 53.9%, and 0.9% “other.”

An article in Billboard from 1959 stated, “The 78 market dropped sharply from 4,500,000 in 1957 to under 500,000 last year.”